Rehabilitation Treatment And The Process Followed

You might have seen a drug addict person or might have known about the sufferings experienced by them...

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About The Industry

Many people would have at some point in time in their life been associated with the Drug and addiction rehab industry. Only blessed ones stay away from this industry in the United States.

As per Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), this industry is worth a $35 billion per year and there are close to 25 million people who are addicted. Out of this only around 10 to 12 percentage of these people have undergone treatment.

Currently, there are around 14 to 15 thousand of such facilities that cater to these patients. There are various types of addiction that get treated in these facilities some of them are sex addiction, gambling addiction, drug and substance addiction, nicotine addiction and more recent one has been internet addiction. These facilities also cater to some of the disorders like eating disorder, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress and various phobias.

These facilities basically follow the 12-step process as described by the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Whether this is the best way of dealing with alcohol addiction is doubted by some folks, however, this has proved effective and has transformed many lives.

The industry caters to both inpatient and outpatient support and in many cases acts as a supporting agent to the judicial system by treating criminals and other people who seek a solution to their abuse problems.

The next steps the industry could look forward to growing is to provide more inclusive treatment covering more people who need help and also to diversify the treatment to multiple addictions. Insurance coverage is poor for such treatments and it would be good to have more coverage in this area.

The industry expects more research and ideas to come up to make the transition smoother especially for patients who do not like to be confronted or forced to join rehabilitation facilities.

Thus the rehab industry has done a lot in the past but has more to look forward to in terms of inclusive and modern ways of treatment.