Rehabilitation Treatment And The Process Followed

You might have seen a drug addict person or might have known about the sufferings experienced by them...

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A rehabilitation clinic provides multiple facilities for the patient to get the cure....

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Rehabilitation Treatment And The Process Followed

You might have seen a drug addict person or might have known about the sufferings experienced by them, but, do you know about how they are cured. Many people who themselves are addicted to drugs have come forward to quit from drugs and they admit themselves in the rehabilitation center to get cured.For more info about rehab centre go to Rehab Finder.

A rehabilitation clinic provides multiple facilities for the patient to get the cure. The treatment can be divided into two types

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment

Inpatient treatment:

This type of treatment is provided to the patients who have a long standing addiction or for the patients who are mentally affected by drugs. Here, the patients are given options for the location where the treatment has to be progressed. The treatment can be provided

  • Inside Hospital: Here, the patients are under complete monitoring. Medical services are available to them throughout the day. Medical professionals analyze the patient completely and provide necessary treatment. As they are under complete supervision, the chances are brighter for their cure.
  • Outside Hospital: Here the patients need not stay in the hospital but they will receive a proper treatment. Though the hospital-like facility will not be provided for such patients, 24x7 staffs assistance will be available for them. They need not worry about any emergency situations as staffs will be available to help them. The main difference from the inside hospital treatment is that the treatment is given in a residential place which is located outside the hospital.

These are specially given for the executive and luxury patients who want to be treated away from the clinic.

  • Luxury inpatients: these patients will receive all the treatment in a resort like a place where the patients are provided with all type of amenities and can have a luxurious and comfortable stay.
  • Executive inpatients: these patients will have all the amenities similar to the luxury inpatients and additionally they can involve themselves in their day to day work responsibilities. So, the clients need not know that you are under addiction treatment.

Outpatient treatment:  this is similar to visiting a general hospital. Here, the patient gets their treatment in the hospital but it is not necessary for them to be in the clinic or hospital until they are recovered. These patients can return home at the end of each day. So, one can get involved with their friends and family as usual. They can spend time with them and can relax peacefully at their home.

Rehabilitation process

Though the patient receives inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment, rehabilitation process involves different therapies apart from pills. Some of them are

Individual therapy: This involves concentrating more on the patients themselves. Here, the patients are trained to divert themselves when they feel like using the drugs. They are taught new activities and are taught to identify their own talent and interests in different fields. They are trained to focus their concentration on their interest and are trained to get involved in it. They are taught to identify the triggering situations and are taught to manage it wisely.

Group therapy: Instead of being alone, sometimes it is better to be in groups. Under group therapy, many patients are left to communicate with each other and share their feelings. Everybody will feel light when they discuss their situation with similar people. Group therapy is best for one to free themselves.

Family therapy: This therapy is not for the patients but for the family members of the patient. The most affected people of the drug addicts are the families. As they are part of the patient’s daily emotions and happiness, they are the people who wish to get back their loved ones to the normal state. This therapy is to train the family members to help them resolve the issue. They are trained on how to act as a pillar for the patients.

Similarly, there are various other therapies which act as a turning point in the life of patients. Even after undergoing these therapies, the patients are not considered to be recovered completely. The patient recovers from it completely only when he is not back into drugs again even after many months. Some of them continue to attend the above therapies even after getting recovered from it.